Do You Believe In Spirits? My Personal Encounters!

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG On Unsplash

What are spirits? Some people say ghost, but I don’t like this term. A spirit is a soul that comes from a deceased person’s body. I could get much more detailed, but for simplicity, I am going to get straight to the point. 

Have you ever been visited by a loved one’s spirit after they have crossed over? When your loved one has left this life as we know, and has made a transition into the afterlife, have you seen signs? If so, please comment below, would love to hear other people stories.

I have had several encounters in my life. It isn’t so hard for me to believe and know, because It was something talked about in front of me at a very young age. I know for some people; they don’t even think about the subject till they become an adult. I am aware many families don’t speak of Spirits. In my life growing up speaking of a spirit visiting to this realm of life as we know from the afterlife, was “normal” talk.

My very first personal experience was when my grandfather passed. I was laying in the bed with my grandmother, she had awakened me from my sleep. She said my grandfather was in the room, and that she could feel the hairs on her arm stand up. You could hear in her voice that she was frightened. At this point I was sitting straight up in the bed! I was just as scared. Then suddenly, the bathroom light came on, then went off. The lights did that 2 more times, for a total of 3 times came on, and then went off! I was too shocked to say anything. I grabbed my grandmothers’ hand and began to cry! Through all the years of me hearing stories of my grandmother saying a spirit has come to visit her, now I am experiencing this with her! I saw, we both saw! This was no flicker of lights; This was a definite on then a pause and then the lights would go off. My grandmother then said, “I love you, but you need to go to the light, you know how I am when spirits visit”. I never actually physically seen my grandfather’s spirit, but it was more of a feeling, we just saw the lights go on and off. Spirits, and loved ones always came to my grandmother after they passed, but she never got used to them coming to her! She was always frightened by these visits.

Photo by 广博 郝 on Unsplash

My next encounter was in 2015. My father had a stroke and was in ICU for 2 weeks before he was taken off life support. During these 2 weeks, my mom and I stayed at the hospital (the ICU lounge), except to go freshen up at home, and never at the same time. One night I went in the room with my father. I was alone, just him, and I. The lights went off and on behind his hospital bed. The lights went on and off 3 times. I had chills instantly. I knew I wasn’t going crazy, but just needed clarity. I went out into the hall, and at the nurses’ station, I asked if they were able to control the lights from the desk. I remember the nurse kind of looking at me weird, I then kind of laughed and said, oh well I know you can control monitors etc. I just thought maybe with all the technology you had a button back there for that too. She laughed and didn’t think anything of it, I guess. I went back in the room and just kind of took everything in what had happened.

I was in the ICU lounge with my mom, we were talking. It was kind of weird, that this night it was only us in the lounge. Usually the lounge was always busy, some nights more then others, but usually someone else was always there! My mom, and I was watching tv when suddenly, the lamp turned on and off 3 times! At the time I was unsure if this was my father. My father was on life support, now I have read that sometimes when a person has had a near death experience the spirit can kind of be between worlds. I don’t know, but I kind of think maybe it could have been my grandfather! I’m still not a 100% till this day. I sometimes think maybe it was my father, because how the lights went off in front of both me and my mom. Then I think sometimes maybe it was my grandfather trying to tell me to let my father go, that it was his time to go and be with the Lord. Then the night my father past there were triple 7’s in my phone in multiple rows that just kept repeating. I know that was a message for me from him. My father always told me 777 was opposite of 666. He told me that triple 7’s was an angelic number, a holy & sacred number. I think he was telling me that this was how it was supposed to be and that he was at peace, and for me to know he was there, without scaring me.

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

My third experience was right after my youngest daughter was born. I had a cesarean and had just gotten home. I think I had a doctor’s appointment, so my husband & I also had to run an errand at Walmart. He got out the vehicle and I stayed in under the air, because that was just too much walking for me after surgery. I noticed this butterfly, the most beautiful I had ever seen. It was yellow and black. It just kept circling around our vehicle. I was around for so long that I immediately began to wonder was this a message from my father. Is he trying to show me that he is here, he is around? I had been in deep thought and was wishing he was here to see and know my newest baby. We had got home, and what do I see, the prettiest yellow and black butterfly. I swear it seemed like it was the same one! I have never seen a butterfly in my life like that, and then what are the odds that I see 2 the same exact color? I know for a fact this was not a coincidence.

These are the most memorable encounters that I have had. I have more experiences that I may write about at another date. I just wanted to share my experiences with others. Some people question things that they feel or see after a loved one has passed away. Many people are not taught to embrace the notions of life after death. For me it’s a comforting feeling to know my soul may be able to meet up with my loved ones after this world.

Do you believe in Spirits? If you don’t what do you believe? Please comment below and tell me of any experiences that you have experienced. Or email me at:  I will not share your stories if you email me. I m just really interested in other people experiences. I really have never talked to anyone other then family about this subject. It is just an interesting topic to me!

Written by, Ashley Porter

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