What the Future Holds…

I as a child! Family Photograph Owned by: Ashley Porter

As I close my eyes, I can truly remember these days (this decade). These memories feel more distant now. Memories this far back aren’t as clear anymore. I look at the picture above, and it brings back a fuzzy, selective, warm feeling inside! I swear, I remember that shirt! My hair style was almost always the same, two pigtails, and sometimes an added 3rd braid in the back, and seldom would my mom give me an actual one ponytail.

I truly had a happy childhood! As most kids, I didn’t have one concern in the world! I never knew of any hardships! Most summer days I played outside, unless it was probably raining. Then I was inside playing with my dolls and barbies.

I was raised in the city! Detroit, to be exact! Always at heart I had a little bit of country in me. I even heard my father make comments. I would walk outside barefooted a lot. I even made mud pies! I think my father hated that, because he eventually bought me a sandbox, and my mud pie making days were over!

I have seen this picture a million times! The odd thing is, as I glanced at this picture today, I thought, if only I could tell her what the future holds! If she could just know a few things from me. If I could just talk to her, and she could really truly understand. I could pass her the actual keys to her life. To be able to prepare her in ways she would yet to comprehend.

Maybe she would have done things a bit different? I could tell her she would complete college, but it wouldn’t be until later in life. Maybe she could have planned if she knew the small little obstacles that postponed it till later. To be able to tell her the first time I ever attended college and the real reason I ended up taking a long break. By the way presently, does anyone know the real reason? I practiced, and practiced my final project, which evolved an oral presentation. What did I do? I ran out of class, and never came back! Never stepped foot in that school again. The campus now, doesn’t even exist anymore! All because I have a real terrible freight of speaking in front of large crowds (meaning more than 5 people in an enclosed room). Maybe she would be able to master her freight early on, if she knew the seriousness of the shyness, she now experiences around unfamiliar people.

I would tell her to take lots of photos! Try to capture each moment. The regular days, not just those special milestones! Try to capture the people around you, who mean the most to you! One day those people won’t be here, and that day when you look up, will always feel like sooner than later! Love them with all your heart, because they will always be a part of your heart! Even more specifically record you and your grandfather conversations, about the family etc, just know he was the wisest men you knew!

I wouldn’t tell her about the sad things, just looking at this picture I can tell she is about the age of my oldest daughter, 7 maybe 8. I would tell her though to save every penny! It’s ok to treat yourself, but all that Christmas money and even your first job, just save it all! Save as much as you can, because like all the stories she will hear, the cost of living will steadily increase!

For her to know one day she would be married and have two beautiful daughters of her own! To know that all she has to do is to be herself in life! Don’t fight what is already in you! You are a creative child, who learns as an adult, her creative side was always meant to be! Her father even knew this! Freshmen year of high school he will let her know this! I want to let her know that she will be happy! She will go through roller coasters just like anyone else in this thing we called life. Sure, life will have its ups and downs. Some people will be jealous and envious. Then you will have people who will assume things, and try to make you miserable, because they are! You will have people who feel they need to be in competition with you, when you won’t even entertain their notions! You will already know what they are up to!

What the future holds is a lifetime of memories! A precious understanding, that comes with mistakes, and learning. Which one could only understand by going through each, and everything we experience in our own lifetime. This is what gives us wisdom later!

As I wrote this, I realized it is a possibility to all of this! How can I tell her What the future holds? My daughters are a future me! As I stated my oldest is about the age I was in this picture! I could start to tell her these things! I can prepare her, not for my life, but her life! Now I know she is her own self, so she will have to go through her own life challenges, but I hold dear to many things my grandfather told me! Just maybe if I whisper to both of my girls every now and then some important key things, they too will hold on to these conversations! They will grasp them early and take them to heart!

Written by Ashley Porter

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